Advanced MD Professional Formula Collagen Face Serum 1.75 Fl Oz

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  • PROFESSIONAL FORMULAS: Powered by science and dedicated to using the most recent discoveries in dermatological science, AdvancedMD creates complex bio-cosmeceutical formulas to tackle the most stubborn skin concerns.
  • YOUTHFUL BEAUTY: Collagen Serum with Peptides and antioxidants work in tandem to reactivate youthful beauty and target aging skin by stimulating natural hydration and renewal.
  • SOY EXTRACT BENEFITS: The real game changer in our face collagen serum? Soy Extract. Soy Extract diminishes the look of crepe-like skin by targeting lost elasticity and facial lines. AdvancedMD utilizes clean ingredients making this serum perfect for those with sensitive skin.
  • PROVEN RESULTS: A powerful dual formula, our proprietary blend infuses the skin with moisture and collagen for a firmer appearance. See your skin instantly defy gravity. Collagen serum for skin tightening helps plump skin, giving you a youthful glow.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Collagen Face Serum by AdvancedMD guarantees 100% satisfaction. Lift and firm your skin while improving the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles or receive your money back.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, AdvancedMD is devoted to being cruelty free. Pleased to be 100% clean beauty, AdvancedMD is powered by dermatological science to produce proprietary formulas that work. Our serum for the face is a dual formula that will instantly plump your skin for flash radiance.  Help brighten your skins appearance with this facial serum with collagen to help improve the look of age spots and scars.

Adding this affordable skin serum to your skin care routine is easy. After washing your face with your face wash or face cleanser, drop the serum on your fingertips. Pat and massage the serum into your skin, focusing on the areas that need the most help. Wait a few minutes to let it sink in, then follow up with your favorite moisturizer.