Green Clinicals Problem Skin Oil with Tea Tree Oil 2 Fl Oz

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  • BANISH BLEMISHES Youve tried everything to mend your troublesome skin, but your pores refuse to shrink, new pimples pop up overnight, and acne scars ruin your complexion. Erradicate imperfections with skin-perfecting oil! Skin problems vanish without a trace with Green Clinicals!
  • ESSENTIAL ESSENCES Tea tree oil for acne soothes and smooths bumpy skin thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with witch hazel, which provides unmatched protection for inflammation and irritation, skin becomes more radiant with each drop.
  • GREASE BE GONE Hesitant to add more oil to already oily skin? This premium face oil leaves no grease behind because it absorbs quickly. But its more than that. Skin produces less pore-clogging oil since tea tree oil slows and regulates this process.
  • COMPLETELY CHEMICAL FREE Whats in the bottle is important. But its whats not in the bottle that makes all the difference. Made in the USA, Green Clinicals tea tree oil for face is free from destructive parabens, drying alcohol, clogging mineral oils, toxic formaldehyde, and damaging dyes.
  • OUR PROMISE Acne, scars, and oil are no match for Green Clinicals Problem Skin Oil! We want nothing more than for you to love your flawless face, which is why we back all of our skin care products with a satisfaction guarantee!

Break the Cycle of Breakouts

Do you hide your dark spots, acne, and redness under layers of foundation that only further irritates these issues? Stop hiding your skin problems. Heal them with Green Clinicals! Each drop of this skin-loving tea tree and witch hazel oil contains nutrients that balance and beautify. Uncover naturally gorgeous skin you simply cant hide!

Blended to Perfection

Witch hazel and tea tree oil arent the only incredible ingredients that promote flawless skin. We combined these 2 essential ingredients with natures best extracts to create a concentrated oil thats never weakened by fillers. 

Rice bran extract helps you achieve the clear, soft, and smooth skin. It also evens your tone by reducing pigmentation, hydrating dry skin, and protecting from future damage.

Rosemary leaf extract infuses skin with moisture thats vital to the healing process. Plus, it fights acne and heals broken skin since its naturally antibacterial. 

Sunflower extract banishes breakouts because its brimming with vitamins A, C, D, and E. It soothes irritation, redness, and dryness, leaving you with beautiful skin youll love.

Its All About Consistency

Complicated skin care routines should be left to the spas. Right before bed, simply:

Cleanse and tone your skin.

Apply your serum.

Warm a few drops of the Problem Skin Oil between your palms.

Gently press the oil into your skin until its absorbed.

Apply your moisturizer, and sleep tight!

Or add the oil to your morning moisturizer for a purifying boost!


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