Melatonin Sleep Night Cream With Lavender & Chamomile 4 Oz

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Melatonin Sleep CreamMelatonin Sleep Cream
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  • You’ll wake up softer, smoother, and moisturized. Just simply massage into skin before bed and let this comforting blend made with restorative ingredients work its magic while you dream.
  • Large 4oz bottle will last months! Wake up in the without morning grogginess.
  • Works to complement the body's own sleep-inducing melatonin, which gets depleted with age.
  • Made with natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile this night cream will help promote a good night's sleep.
  • Long trusted formula, Made in the USA. Not tested on animals. Money back guarantee!

Tossing and turning? Ease into a peaceful slumber, naturally with this Melatonin sleep cream from Miracle Plus. Unlike dangerous, habit-forming sleeping pills, get the sleep you need without feeling groggy and disoriented the next day! This soothing cream relieves jet lag and helps regulate sleep patterns. A safe, effective way to get the rest you need, when you need it, so you can start the next day refreshed and reinvigorated. Light, calming lavender aroma soothes you into a tranquil state. Best used 30-45 minutes prior to bedtime.

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Melatonin sleep cream