Here at Pure Valley®, we don't sell anything we don't use ourselves. Pure Valley is a state-of-the-art FDA regulated and inspected laboratory staffed with people just like you. We share our formulas with friends and family and get firsthand feedback. Our moms and daughters use our shampoos and face creams. We use our own pain relievers when we have a strained muscle from playing with our grandchildren. We understand what you are looking for from your products and engineer them to perform in a way that produces 100% satisfaction. We guarantee it. We also know that most products on the market are overpriced. What sets us apart is there is no middleman. We can sell direct to the consumer (you) without the retail markups that you'll get elsewhere. This enables you to feel and look your best without breaking the bank. In fact, many of our formulas can be found selling 3-10 times the retail prices at department stores, salons or health care professional offices.  Our collection of professional-grade personal care products are formulated to give you a confident radiance and a healthier lifestyle. Pure Valley™ products are professionally formulated in an FDA regulated and inspected laboratory to help assure a fast and lasting difference in your sense of well-being. It feels good to know you are nurturing and enhancing your natural attributes with state-of-the-art technology. Enhance your beauty, rejuvenate your skin, relieve pain, all with our cutting edge formulas. Pamper yourself with nature's best ingredients. Pure Valley formulates, tests, designs and manufacturers everything under one roof. Discover real results with lab-direct formulas. Guaranteed or your money back!

PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS DIRECT FROM THE FORMULATOR offers a diverse professional grade personal care product line direct from the formulator/manufacturer to you. Your benefits? High end, pharmaceutical grade products at discounted prices. The best skin care, top rated treatments shipped discretely to your home. Pure Valley guarantees quality and value in each shipment or your money back. You'll find buying direct very helpful when it comes to customer service and shipping. No middle men. No add-on costs. Your choices will become easy when you get to know the breadth and benefits the products we manufacture for your personal care needs. Check out our amazing anti-aging skin rejuvenation products and powerful topical pain relief products. Before long, you will notice a difference in the eyes of beholders, where it counts. Please write us or call us with any of your comments of questions.  We love to hear about your success and we welcome any suggestions or future product reccomendations. 

PureValley™ Skin Care Shop
Specially formulated skin nurturing, anti aging, youth activating products. Fast acting. Long lasting. Gentle and safe--100 % guaranteed! Top rated wrinkle creams for the results you deserve.  Our collections of professional  and high end beauty care products are formulated to rejuvenate tired, dry skin. Advanced firming neck treatments. Anti-aging cleansers, concentrated youth activating serums, Beauty treatment kits. Treatments for fine lines and deep wrinkles. Pure Valley™ is here to make a difference. Active and proven ingredients to give you the youthful and healthy look you desire.

PureValley™ Personal Care Shop
Our collection of spa-grade personal care products are formulated to pamper and please. Skin lightening and  age spot, freckle, dark spot fade products. Restless leg calming cream. Facial hair removal. Thinning hair thickening shampoos and volumizers. The pampering never ends with Pure Valley™ direct products.

PureValley™ Pain Relief Shop 
Now that we have solved your Beauty and personal care needs please try some of our top rated over the counter topical pain relief treatments. Do you suffer from Arthritis?  Back foot, hip, hand or knee pain? Pain is the common denominator that robs sleep and your active lifestyle. Pure Valley™ pain relief products offer the ultimate in fast lasting relief. Your choice of the finest pain rubs. creams, gels, hands free sprays and roll-ons formulated with Glucosamine, Emu oil, medicated Capsaicin, menthol, camphor and Omega oils. No prescription needed. Proven safe and effective. No middle man to inflate the costs.We offer a large selection to help you get back to the life style you deserve!

Pure Valley™ Web Shop is your special place for the highest and freshest quality personal care products direct from the R&D formulator. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. The best skin care, the top rated topical pain relievers, professional hair care, and problem solving personal care solutions.....Pure Valley!  

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