Advanced Clinicals 8 Ounce Vitamin C Hand Lotion Intense Moisturizer for Dry, Cracked Hands

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  • HAND LOTION FOR DRY HANDS: Our Vitamin C hand cream provides fast acting dry skin relief and works as a cuticle repair cream. Never greasy, enjoy our skin moisturizer for men and women. Use anytime your hands feel chapped, rough, or dry.
  • HYDRATING MOISTURIZER: Formulated with rosemary leaf extract, turmeric, panax ginseng root, ginger root extract, and apple extract, this healing lotion is packed with natural ingredients that have been used for bright, youthful skin for centuries.
  • INTENSE HAND CREAM: Shea butter and sunflower deeply moisturize chapped hands. Hand washing, dry climate, sensitive skin, and age can all contribute to rough, dry hands, and our rich formula provides intensive hydration and a non-greasy barrier.
  • LIGHTLY SCENTED HAND CREAM: Our skin brightening hand moisturizer has the light botanical, fresh scent of citrus fruits and the earthy tones of ginseng.
  • ADVANCED CLINICALS: Our mission is to provide our customers with affordable and effective skin and hair care. All high-quality products are formulated in our lab by our chemists and manufactured on-site in our Chicago facility.

Whether you've been hard at work in the outdoors, washing your hands nonstop, or have rough, sensitive skin, our Vitamin C Hand Cream for women and men is a perfect addition to your skin care routine. Vitamin C helps to restore skin and fights against dry climate, aging, and other dehydrating elements. Balanced with shea butter, this is a non-greasy formula that's perfect for oily, dry, and sensitive skin, delivering intense moisture to your hands and cuticles. The moisturizer heals and strengthens skin and provides a light barrier against drying air and hand wash. Ferulic acid offers radiance and glow even on tired, rough skin, instantly improving appearance. Use this hand repair cream after the shower, washing your hands, or anytime you need a quick boost of moisture and protection on your hands. Bye-bye to cracked hands all winter long–hello to supple, healthy skin!