Advanced Clinicals Collagen + Rosewater Facial Mist 8 Fl Oz Case of 12

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SKU: AC135-12
  • GOODBYE, DRY SKIN – Does your rough, dry skin crave hydration? Revive your skin when you intensely moisturize with Advanced Clinicals Collagen + Rosewater Face Mist. Simply spray it on and watch your skin go from dull to dreamy in a flash!
  • GLOW UP WITH COLLAGEN AND ROSEWATER – Collagen restores a youthful radiance because it improves skin’s elasticity, plumping your skin with every spray. Rosewater is perfect for acne prone and oily skin since it acts as a toner, balancing your skin’s pH and controlling oil production.
  • SKIN ENHANCING EXTRACTS – Nature’s finest ingredients in this face mist spray deliver healing, enriching nutrients directly to the skin. Peptides plump, watermelon tones, and carrot root extract repairs, refreshing and revitalizing skin into splendor.
  • BREAKTHROUGH HYDRATION TECHNOLOGY – Revolutionary technology helps lock in moisture like never before. Advanced Clinicals’ groundbreaking AquaSpheres penetrate each layer of skin to increase moisture up to 88%.
  • THE ADVANCED CLINICALS PROMISE – Intense, deep moisturization is guaranteed with this Collagen + Rosewater Face Mist. At Advanced Clinicals, we promise to create only quality skin care products that give you the healthy skin of your dreams, or you get your money back.

Stop Suffering from Dry Skin

Restoring your skins moisture is no easy task. From your facial soap robbing your skin of moisture to oil building up throughout the day, your skin goes through a lot. But with Advanced Clinicals moisturizing Collagen + Rosewater Face Mist, skin becomes silky soft and incredibly hydrated! Whether you have sensitive or oily skin, you can hydrate with Advanced Clinicals.

Concentrated Ingredients, Incredible Results

Other rosewater or collagen mists rely solely on the main ingredient. At Advanced Clinicals, we take it a step further, combining the namesake ingredients with carefully chosen compounds found in nature to enhance the healing capabilities of this plumping spray:

  • Lentil Fruit Extract  increases skins moisture by drawing in the airs water droplets to pull it into the uppermost layers of skin.
  • Rice Extract  helps maintain healthy, beautiful skin since its loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
  • Blueberry Fruit Extract  repairs damaged skin and increases new growth thanks to its plentiful antioxidants.

Skincare Shouldnt be Complicated

No need to wake up early to add this spray to your skincare routine! With this face mist, you can moisturize anytime, anywhere. See and feel your skin become healthier and more hydrated every day by following these simple steps:

  • Cleanse your face, then pat it dry.
  • Apply your toner.
  • Close your eyes and spray a couple pumps of the Collagen + Rosewater Face Mist     on your face and neck.
  • Continue with your moisturizer and makeup.
  • Freshen up your makeup and dose your skin with hydration throughout the day.