Advanced Clinicals Keratin Damaged Hair Sleek + Smooth Hair Mask 12oz

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  • INTENSE HYDRATION – Deep conditioning for soft, silky, more manageable and healthy hair. Give frizzy, brittle hair the protein boost it needs to grow long and strong! Pair this mask with your favorite Keratin shampoo and conditioner for an invigorating spa like experience.
  • STRENGTHENS STRANDS – Going bleach blonde, bright red, or back to brunette makes hair brittle, broken, and dry as a desert. Don’t just deal with damaged hair. Heal it with the Keratin treatment hair mask! It deeply penetrates each strand to strengthen hair from within. Restore hair’s natural beauty with Advanced Clinicals!
  • HEALTHIER HAIR – Keratin is a protective protein that helps strengthen your hair and promotes fuller, thicker, healthier hair! Keratin helps fight heat and environmental damage leaving your hair looking soft, smooth, and shiny. Keratin conditioner is great as a split end treatment.
  • SALON QUALITY – Moisturize hair from root to tip with the essential Keratin mask with Shea butter! Anti-frizz treatment mask provides immediate hydration to the tips of your hair. Add serious shine and reduce split ends with Advanced Clinicals!
  • OUR PROMISE – The damage may be done, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Dry, damaged, and dyed hair has met its match with Advanced Clinicals’ Keratin Hair Treatment Mask! We promise that the mask restores your hair’s beauty and shine, or your money back.

Grow Strong, Silky, and Shiny Hair with Advanced Clinicals!

Similarly to how different skin issues need unique treatments, hair that lacks protein requires different care than hair that needs moisturizing. Without enough protein, hair breaks easily and may even fall out. Hydrolyzed Keratin Treatment Mask gives hair thats brittle and broken the building blocks it needs to become strong. Replenish your hairs protein and watch it go from broken to beautiful in no time with Advanced Clinicals!

Its Whats Inside that Counts

At Advanced Clinicals, we carefully chose natural extracts and ingredients to combine with Keratin to create this fortifying and fast-acting hair masks. Discover the incredible effects for yourself!

 Coconut Oil ensures that hair doesnt become overly dry by balancing out the proteins intense strengthening powers.

 Shea butter provides moisture to dry or damaged hair, protecting your hair against weather damage.

Hair Care Products You Can Trust

Why use products with harmful chemicals on already-damaged hair? All of Advanced Clinicals hair masks are made in the U.S.A. and are free from DEA, parabens, and sulfates, ensuring that each product serves your hair.

Hair Care Has Never Been So Easy!

Why go to the salon for a hair mask treatment that you can do right in your home? All you need to do is:

 Shampoo and condition hair.

 Apply a generous amount from root to tip on damp, clean hair.

 Massage through your hair.

 Let the mask sit for 5-10 minutes.

 Rinse thoroughly, then apply products as usual.

 Use once a week, or 2-3 times per week for particularly damaged hair.