Advanced Clinicals Micro-Peel Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser 8 Fl Oz

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  • ERADICATE BLACKHEADS AND IMPURITIES – Cleanse your way to clear, glowing skin with Advanced Clinicals’ glycolic face wash! Designed for all skin types, this face wash for men and women frees your pores from debris to achieve a fresh, smooth complexion.
  • FACE THE FUTURE, FLAWLESSLY – Prevent premature aging and diminish the appearance of time’s touch! Advanced Clinical’s anti-aging face wash blends powerful naturals like apple extract, Damask rose, and glycolic acid to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and fight the signs of aging.
  • STUNNING SKIN FOR ANY TYPE – Don’t let your skin type keep you from enjoying the glow-boosting goodness of glycolic acid! Whether you have sensitive, dry, or oily skin, enlarged pores, or wrinkles, Advanced Clinicals’ acne face wash gently works wonders.
  • SIMPLIFY YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE – Too restless for face masks? Too busy for treatments at the dermatologist? Peel and cleanse in one simple step with this glycolic peel facial cleanser!
  • REVEAL RADIANT SKIN, GUARANTEED – Love looking in the mirror when luminous skin looks back! With Advanced Clinicals’ glycolic acid sensitive skin cleanser, you’ll enjoy clearer, younger-looking skin, or your money back.

Craving Great Skin? Go for Glycolic Acid!

Whether you˪re worried your skin is too sensitive for serious skincare or you˪re tired of hiding indoors after expensive peels, glycolic acid is exactly what your routine requires. Safe for all skin types, glycolic acid gently exfoliates pores, removes dead skin cells, and reveals fresh skin! And Advanced Clinicials˪ glycolic cleanser features a potent botanical blend that goes the extra mile that also combats scarring, discoloration, and wrinkles.

Extracting Excellence

Formulated from the finest ingredients, Advanced Clinicals' sulfate-free facial wash features incredible, skin-enhancing extracts, including:

à Aloe moisturizes and soothes inflamed, irritated, and thirsty skin.

à Apple tightens pores, rejuvenating the look of aging skin with a dose of vitamin C.

à Cucumber reduces dark circles, discoloration, puffiness, and oil buildup.

à Green tea is packed with powerful antioxidants that stimulate microcirculation and fight the signs of aging.

à Lavender relieves inflamed pores while cleansing, balancing, and soothing your skin.

Safe for All Skin Types

Fight the signs of aging before they start and protect your skin for the future with this facial cleanser. Made in the USA and free from any parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, dyes, or talc, this face wash is good for you and your skin.