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#1 Aid for Bruises!
Recover From Falls, Knocks and Other Injuries Fast! Also Great for Massaging Sore, Stiff Muscles. Calm and soothe away bruises, swelling, stiffness and discoloration with the natural powers of Arnica Montana herb extract.
  • Formulated with a generous concentration of Arnica for fast, soothing relief.
  • Help reduce pain, swelling, and discoloration with a soothing massage.
  • Fortified with the anti-redness properties of Willowherb
  • L-Arginine and Vitamin K support capillary health and encourage rapid fading and healing of bruises.
  • Contains Horse Chestnut, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting properties.
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I Bruise Easily So I Tried This Miracle Lotion & It Really Works!!! I Will Keep This Stuff Around At All Times.

I cannot believe how well this stuff works!!! I've always been prone to bruising but for the past year or two (basically since I hit my forties) it has just gotten ridiculous. I wake up with new bruises on my legs almost daily and have anywhere from 10-20 on each leg at any given time. Most are small, fingerprint sized but some are large and extremely unsightly. It has made wearing skirts and dresses embarrassing, which sucks since they comprise 90% of my wardrobe. Arnica Bruise Cream is amazing!

I have serious vein problems in my legs and feet. I already had one blood clot last year and that was horrible. Miracle Plus is intended in relieving the black and blue bruises caused by veins leaking in the legs and feet.

This cream is FANTASTIC!!! I bruise very easily, and I've used this cream for the past few years. I used to look like a spousal-abuse victim, although my husband has never laid a hand on me. This Arnica Bruise Cream simply makes the bruises fade within very few days. I would end up with huge bruises on my hands and arms simply from putting clothes into the washer and dryer, but with this cream I know they will be gone before the weekend. It's a miracle!

Finally, I purchase Arnica. I am kind of clutzy and always managing to bruise myself. My girlfriend has told me for years to try Arnica to speed healing. Neutral smell, nice texture. I used it and it worked.

Excellent product. I used this product for "bruising" following laser surgery for varicose veins. My doctor recommended this product to me and after a week, I could see that the bruising was slowing disappearing. I know from previous experience, had I not used Arnica Bruise Cream that it would have taken me much longer to heal.

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