Elastalift Encapsulated Retinol Concentrated Wrinkle Serum 1.75 Fl Oz

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  • REDUCE WRINKLES WITH RETINOL – Want to go back in time to rid yourself of those age-old wrinkles and fine lines? Now you can with the Retinol Concentrated Wrinkle Serum by Elastalift! Once-thin skin grows visibly plump thanks to the retinol’s incredible collagen-producing powers.
  • RID WRINKLES RAPIDLY – Wrinkles take many years to form, but you can reduce them quickly with Elastalift! This fast-acting anti-wrinkle serum contains no ordinary retinol. Its revolutionary encapsulated design helps absorb deeply into the skin, effectively repairing from the inside.
  • NOTHING BUT RADIANCE – Some serums leave an unpleasant residue because they sit on top of skin. That’s not a problem with this premium wrinkle serum with natural extracts! Skin feels soft and smooth instead of oily because it is non-greasy and fast-absorbing.
  • SKIN STAYS SAFE AND SOUND – Keep your fragile skin free from further damage with the anti-aging face serum that contains no harmful chemicals. Free from paraben, alcohol, mineral oils, dyes, talc, and more, your plumping serum by Elastalift is safe even for sensitive skin!
  • THE ELASTALIFT PROMISE – We’re so confident that this firming serum helps diminish even your deepest wrinkles that we back is with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We promise that you’ll see and love the results, or receive your money back.

ElastaliftÀ“À“The Only Lift Your Face Needs!

Does your sagging, lined, and wrinkled skin have you wishing for the good old days before time stole your skin˪s elastin? Replenish your skin with Elastalift˪s Retinol Concentrated Wrinkle Serum! More stable, potent, and powerful than traditional retinol, our encapsulated retinol plumps, lifts, and heals exactly where you need it the most. Lose the wrinkles and find your confidence with Elastalift!

Incredible Ingredients with Even Better Results

Retinol is remarkable at giving skin˪s slow elastin production a boost. And when blended with the finest natural extracts, it creates a clinical-strength serum that works wonders on aging skin.

à Aloe vera helps you achieve the beautifully even skin tone by vanquishing redness and irritation! Plus, its hydrating powers help moisturize and refresh dry skin.

à Green tea is known to reverse the damage caused by UV rays, keeping you looking young. It also improves your skinÀ™s overall health by stimulating microcirculation.

à Glycerinprotects skin from environmental damage while preparing it for the healing benefits of the other ingredients.

No Chemicals, No Problem

Many skin care lines fill their products with dangerous chemicals. Not Elastalift. Protect your skin with the USA-made serum that contains no cell-damaging PEGs, destructive formaldehyde, drying sulfates, harmful triclosan, or skin-sensitizing propylene glycol.