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  • Cooling menthol-camphor provides powerful pain relief within minutes
  • More active ingredients than other leading brands (12% menthol)!
  • Topical cream gives targeted relief, right where you need it
  • Timed-release IcePearls™ provide a cooling sensation for up to six hours
  • Ideal for aches and pains associated with arthritis, simple backache, strains, sprains, and even painful bruises
  • Powerful, long-trusted formula
  • Safe alternative to pills
Where do the ingredients come from?
USP-Grade Menthol (12%) and Camphor (6%): These powerful ingredients, extracted from peppermint leaves and camphor tree bark, work as local anesthetics and counter-irritants. Massaging them into the skin can help quell superficial inflammation and increase local blood flow, so your body can heal itself—naturally!
Acai: This deep purple Brazilian berry is among the most nutritious foods in the Amazon. A rich source of potent antioxidants.
Linseed: Extracted from nutritious flax seeds, this soothing oil is an abundant source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
Arnica: This herb from the sunflower family has long been used to treat bruises and sprains. A double-blind study in Switzerland found arnica gel to be just as effective as ibuprofen gel at decreasing pain and improving function in osteoarthritis.
Peppermint: This invigorating oil, used in aromatherapy, has been used to relax muscles and is believed to inhibit the growth of germs. Made from the dried leaves of plants from Europe, America, and Asia.
Rosemary: This aromatic leaf oil is extracted from the flowering shrubs of the Rosemary bush. A calming oil with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera, or “true” aloe, comes from the long, bright-green leaves of a native African plant. Long known as a soothing and rejuvenating remedy, even the ancient Egyptians used this therapeutic herb.

Hear about others' experiences with MyOmega:
To those people who have had the same trouble with their knees that I have. I went to my orthopedist with pain in my knee. He examined it and said I should have orthoscopic surgery. I did this and after a year, having repeated pain, he said the only thing that could help would be a knee replacement. I was very upset at what he said and told him I would wait. I looked all over and came across the medication called MyOmega. With God’s help and my using this 2 to 3 times a day, my pain has almost gone away, I can walk very well without a cane, and even dance a little.

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