ND-81 10% Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliating Serum Maximum Strength 1 Fl Oz

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  • STAND FIRM – Exfoliate the years away. ND-81 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid Serum exfoliates, lifts, and firms frown lines, wrinkles, and fine lines. This powerful serum with glycolic acid removes dead skin cells to refine, plump, and smooth skin with every youth-reviving drop.
  • YOUR COMPLEXION, PERFECTED – Remove the years and balance your complexion with this anti-wrinkle serum. Watch uneven skin tone fade away with the exfoliating glycolic acid peel that counters dark spots, sun spots, acne scars, and discoloration.
  • SERIOUSLY CLEAN BEAUTY – Fight imperfections and future damage naturally. ND-81 uses ethically sourced and dermatologist tested ingredients in our facial serum formula made in the USA. Every bottle is free from parabens, alcohol, mineral oils, dyes, talc, and fragrances.
  • WIPE OUT WRINKLES – Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and achieve that coveted glow by infusing much-needed moisture into your skin. ND-81’s concentrated formula keeps skin soft and smooth by increasing skin’s hydration up to 88% with Botanimoist AMS!
  • GLOWING GUARANTEE – Make radiant skin your go-to look with ND-81. We promise that this lightweight, fast-absorbing serum firms and brightens dull, sagging skinâ â€”minus any nasty ingredients. And we back that promise with our satisfaction guarantee.

ND-81: Clean Products, Clear Results

If beauty is on the inside, then why are most skincare products packed with harmful ingredients that are anything but beautiful? ND-81 is committed to providing serious skincare without any questionable ingredients. That's why our pure firming face serum delivers on its promise. We don't dilute our formulas with fillers or sacrifice long lasting results for short term gains. You want amazing skin, and we're committed to helping you get it.

Wrinkle-Fighting Formula

Clean, proven ingredients like alpha hydroxy and glycolic acids and lifting peptide technology exfoliate to unmask younger, brighter, and firmer skin. Plus:

à Reduce the appearance of large pores with apple fruit extract! It helps tighten pores, especially for people with oily skin.

à Purify skin with salicylic acid! It fights blemishes by keeping skin clear of dirt, grime, and complexion-ruining impurities.

à Give your collagen a boost with lactic acid! It reduces signs of aging by stimulating collagen production.

à Camellia sinensis leaf extract improves skin's health since it guards against free radicals.

Good to the Last Drop

Ever notice how the same product may vary from bottle to bottle? That's because many beauty brands use unstable ingredients causing their potency to diminish with time. At ND-81, we use stable, reliable, easily absorbed ingredients, ensuring you get an anti-aging serum with the same potency and effectiveness each and every time.