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  • Pure Valley Bruise Cream with Arnica rapidly fades the appearance of bruising and skin discoloration. Can be used on face, arms, hands, legs, and body.
  • Contains several ingredients to helps repair and heal your skin, including collagen, soothing Vitamin E and natural Papaya Enzymes. Fast results, guaranteed!
  • Horse Chestnut helps promote blood circulation to help fade bruising. Arnica Montana contains natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and is safe for all skin types. Contains calming herbal scent.
  • Manufactured in the USA. Paraben-Free. No-drying alcohols. Non-greasy. 100% money back guarantee!

Developed as a topical alternative to addictive pills. Soothe uncomfortable bruises with gentle, Arnica lotion. Excess and unsightly bruising can occur due to medications, skin disorders, physical activity, injury, trauma, surgery or even age. Triple formula targets visible bruising with Arnica, plant enzymes, and circulation herbs like horse chestnut. Witch Hazel acts as natural astringent to help with skin discoloration and redness, while helping speed up the recovery of scars. Massage into skin or onto muscles after hot-shower.