Advanced Clinicals Body Bump Eraser 8oz. Pack of 15

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  • Clarify Your Complexion! Feel good in your own skin with your rejuvenating body exfoliator! Smooth away stubborn dead skin, body acne, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs, and reveal your radiance with Body Bump Eraser from Advanced Clinicals.
  • Bumps Be Gone! Eliminate rough bumps, pimples and chicken skin! Your lactic acid serum is known to reduce the appearances of pores and blemishes caused by keratosis pilaris and uneven skin texture.
  • Daily Routine Essentials! It's time to upgrade your skin care routine. Incorporate your Advanced Clinicals body scrub exfoliant and enjoy daily, all-over smoothing or strong, targeted spot treatment.
  • Authentic Ingredients Only! Trust in skin care solutions that are gentle on your body and the environment. Your body exfoliating scrub serum is made with 100% vegan ingredients and no harmful parabens.
  • Salon-Grade Satisfaction! Reap the benefits of a salon-professional bump eraser body scrub serum without leaving home! With Advanced Clinicals, quality performance is built in for your satisfaction.

Exfoliate the years away for clearer, smoother skin! When you struggle with persistent skin bumps and dryness, it can diminish your confidence and make you want to cover up all year long. That's why we at Advanced Clinicals believe in powerful formulas that give you the results you need to embrace your natural beauty. Body Bump Eraser is a gentle yet potent skin exfoliator gel that removes dead skin buildup to reveal your true, youthful glow.

Smooth Out Your Complexion

From dry patches to "chicken skin" to stubborn keratosis pilaris, there are countless reasons to seek a smoother texture. Fight back against bumps with your body exfoliating scrub made to buff away rough skin and leave a silky canvas in its place. Take control of your confidence with your renewed, smooth skin.

Exfoliate Your Way

Everyone's skin is different. That's why your glycolic acid peel is formulated to fit any unique routine. This body scrub exfoliant is gentle enough to be easily incorporated into a daily regimen, yet still powerful enough to be used for targeted spot placement. No matter what kind of care you need, you can glow your own way!

Formulas Made for Care, With Care

You don't have to compromise your values to get skin care solutions that work. Advanced Clinicals’ exfoliating body scrub formula is made with 100% vegan ingredients and never any animal testing, so you care for your skin with a clear conscience. Plus, your body scrub exfoliator isn't covered up with harmful parabens and complicated fragrances. With Advanced Clinicals, you only get the good stuff.

The Choice Is Clear

Find out why so many women of all ages swear by Advanced Clinicals. We promise you'll love your renewed complexion so much, you'll forget what rough skin feels like.

Start erasing body bumps today!