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  • Formulated to strengthen your nails natural proteins and proven to help firm cracked areas with helpful ingredients: antioxidant-rich Argan Oil and protein superstar Keratin, which in clinical studies has shown to strengthen your nails.
  • Simple application restores dry and dull nails with powerful protein-enhancer Keratin. Brittle nails be gone with Total Manicure Un-breakable Hard Rock Nails now.
  • As you age your nails get weaker and duller, with Hard Rock Nails you will stay strong.
  • Daily use will help your nails last longer and stay strong against environmental elements
  • Made in the USA. Not tested on animals. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Total Manicure Un-breakable Hard Rock Nails serum made with Argan Oil and Keratin for shine and protein packed protection! Prevent breakage and brittle nails now with Un-breakable Hard Rock Nails intensive serum. Suffering from weak and brittle nails? Brush Hard Rock Nails serum on and restore strength to your fingertips